Your home is usually the biggest investment you’ll ever make in life. Why not protect it from the worst weather conditions with high-quality roof work? T & T General Builders Ltd is one of the most trusted roofing services in Southhamton, relying on our team of builders and tradespeople who are skilled in every area of home improvement.

What We Do for Homeowners

As licensed and experienced contractors, the T & T General Builders Ltd team provides everything from roof installations to repairs and replacements.

We can produce and install:

  • Flat rooftops for garages and porches

  • Pitched slate and tile roofs for houses

  • Chimney stacks and vents for all buildings

Do You Need Help with Rooftop Cleaning?

You can also hire our team for regularly scheduled maintenance and cleaning for any rooftop and guttering.

Rapid Response Emergency Roof Repairs

We’re licensed for clean up and repairs in storm damage work, so that we can clear away any obstruction on your property at little cost to you.

Why Choose T & T General Builders Ltd?

Whether you live in Southhamton,  or anywhere else in the Southamton area, you can enjoy the same quality workmanship from T & T General Builders Ltd at competitive prices in your area. We promise to match any quote given by our local competitors and ensure top-class results that fit within your home improvement budget.

Our crew of builders and contractors are hired and trained to be efficient in every aspect of their work, from making extensive repairs to dealing with homeowners, landlords and tenants.


Their job qualifications include:

  • Following safe work procedures

  • Inspecting for signs of asbestos

  • Practising first aid on the job

  • Disposing of waste under EA standards


has been in business for over 10 years. We’ve kept up our training on the most recent work safety standards and roof installation techniques, so that our customers can rely on our workmanship to last for many years.

We serve households in Southamton and throughout the Southamton area. Call us today at 0800 246 5238 or send us an email to schedule a free measure and quote.

T & T General Builders Ltd

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T & T General Builders Ltd

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T & T General Builders Ltd

T & T General Builders Ltd